I am here – solo exhibition in Tallinn City Gallery 9.08-02.09.2012


This exhibition firstly explores emotions for our homelands and secondly, places oneself into a certain political context.

In my works, participation in different ideological fields is not a predesigned political act, but a part of vernacular life and rituals, depending on the territory and ideological space of oneʼs birthplace. Participants who are located in certain time frames and ideological spaces may well believe that their understanding of things and their choices have emerged independently and naturally.


An spatial installation in the gallery room forces viewers to move according to certain trajectories. The only way to move on is to walk through the screens. 

The purpose of the space is to create feelings of:

  • having no choice,
  • disorientation and
  • being in one space at a time.

The installation consists of 4 videos:

1) 1991 (3:30) shows a spontaneous dance by a crowd in Tallinn Freedom Square after celebrating the day of Restoration of Independence (1991, 20th of August). Literally everybody in the square was suddenly involved and participating. The title refers also to the generation born in 90-ties, as most of the participants belonged to younger generation.

04_video nr 1_1991_in liberty_square2_v

2) The Landscapes of Memory (3:30) – The video shows three different locations and memories connected to the part of territory.

06_video nr 2_landscapes_of_memories_v

3) We were born in the USSR (5: 40) – video shows the discussion with two Izhorian (on of Finno-Ugric nations) women discussing the difficulties and repressions during the past times. Nevertheless, “everything happened in their own sake”.

07_video nr 3_we_were_born_in_the_ussr_videobox_v

4) The Travellers (5:15) – explores an identity of Siberian Estonians while travelling through the Siberian villages and nature. Despite strong Estonian identity, the home is Siberia and “it’s the best”.


The installation has been also part of the exhibition “Shifting Identities” (Curator Ludovico Pratesi), in MACRO Testaccio, Rome. 2014, 20.05–14.09.