I am happy that people are so beautiful and kind*

The video is part of the exhibition TL;DR (curator Stacey Koosel) in the Kunstihoone Gallery, Tallinn. 31.07-23.08.2015 TL;DR is Internet-jargon for ‘too long didn’t read.’ It’s a dismissive response to a text that was too long or not interesting enough to read. Cultural significance can be derived from the new term (coined in 2003) as an example of the demand for a certain style of communication, a need for instant satisfaction and the current state of attention spans. (https://www.facebook.com/events/1622754561297331/)

diktor_EST diktor_RU

The video explores the news and representation of Russia. I’ve visited Russia God knows how many times, most recently Saint Petersburg in June 2015. At one point I realized that surprisingly many of my friends were wondering: why I’m not afraid to go there; and how come I have not been kidnapped. One possibility is that I have been incredibly lucky. Another possibility is that there is yet other reality that exists parallel to the one we know from the media.

*The title is borrowed from the Estonian song “Ma olen õnnelik, et inimesed on nii ilusad ja head” by Sõpruse Puiestee (Friendship Boulevard)